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The family of believers at St. Luke's Lutheran Church made it their priority, in 1991, to offer formal Christian education for the children of their congregation. For 25 years, the Word of God has been taught in our classrooms to God's little lambs. And, as we begin to celebrate our 25th anniversary at St. Luke's Lutheran School, we give thanks to our God for blessing the investment this congregation has made to "tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord," (Psalm 78:4).

That's what our school is, in essence. It is an investment in and for the eternal salvation of the children that come into our classrooms to learn of our Savior's love for them. Our teachers have made it their life's work to take the hands of our little ones to the feet of the Savior who welcomes them with open arms and leads them to heaven. Our pastors have made it their life's work to assist the faculty and staff in that endeavor and to love and care for the children that come under the care of St. Luke's Lutheran Church and School.

St. Luke's Lutheran School is a Lutheran elementary school and not just a Christian day school.  It is operated and supported by the generous offerings of the members of St. Luke's Lutheran Church.  While the school is, first and foremost, an educational opportunity for the children of our congregation, we are overjoyed to serve any children that are brought to us. It is an honor and privilege to share the love of Jesus on each of the 180 school days.

For more information about our school, you may contact our office at (989) 823-8400, or you may email the school office at

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