The Church

What might you expect to see on this page?

Most would expect to see pictures of our beautiful sanctuary, or the flowers that surround our building, or the steeple that rises above the landscape of our town. Maybe that’s what you expected to see here – pictures of our building, of our pastors or the altar that ornaments the front of our worship space. You won’t find those things on this page.  

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church is not simply a building or a steeple. The church is not the altar, nor the pews. It is not the stained-glass windows or the bricks that hold our structure strong. The church is US! St. Luke’s Lutheran Church is US, the people! We would gather even if there were no building to worship in. We would bring our children to the waters of holy baptism, even if we didn’t have a formal baptismal font. We would come to be educated, young and old alike, even if there were no desks or pews. We would come to rejoice in divine blessings given, and to be comforted in our sorrows, troubles and distresses when the dreary days of this life cloud our joy in Christ Jesus.

The church isn’t a building. The PEOPLE are the church, and what the people of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church recognize is that WE are sinful people. WE are in need of forgiveness for OUR sins. WE need a Savior to rescue US from sin’s curse and to lead US, in faith, to the goal of the Christian life – heaven!

That’s what the church is! The church has its Savior – Jesus Christ. In Him, we are bound together. In Him, we are fully and freely forgiven. In Him, we rejoice in the expectation of everlasting life in heaven. The people are the church! Together, we ENCOURAGE each other in the Christian faith, we GATHER to learn of the goodness of God in his Word, and we WELCOME anyone to join us in our journey.

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